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Volume 1. Issue 2                     April 2016

                                                                           Entitlement Strategies Group, Inc. Newsletter

                                       EYES ON…

                                                     Rules & Regulations


The pairing of their collective        knowledge base. Toby Waxman
corporate talent and resources         recently shared her insight into     Now Serving the Pacific Southwest!
seemed like a natural progression      the evolution and rationale be-
after collaborating together on a      hind their decision for pairing
number of projects since 2012;         the two firms’ talent and re-
combining their expertise to offer     sources, “With an established
a full spectrum of land use plan-      business relationship spanning
ning, entitlement, engineering         20 years through BIA and the
and development consulting ser-        development community, Ron
vices.                                 and I have actually negotiated
                                       on behalf of our respective com-
The two firm’s key management          panies’ interests with both the
team members each bring over           same and differing perspectives.
30 years of land development           During the past four years in
expertise to the Land Develop-         negotiating on behalf of our
ment and Building Community.           clients, we have developed a
                                       synergy in negotiation that sur-
Working together ESG, Inc. & SRC       passes the competition. We
West represent the consummate          came to the conclusion that we
land development consulting            could pair our separate and
                                       distinct levels of consulting ser-
Inside this issue:                     vices as an expanded array to

ESG, Inc & SRC West, Inc. Pairing 2

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LACDRP Contemplates Move to         2  Beware: It’s Birds’ Nesting Season!
DPW HQ in Alhambra

Beware: It’s Birds’ Nesting Season  3
                                       By Toby Waxman, President           and breeding seasons. When the
The Tool Box                        3  Entitlement Strategies Group, Inc.  birds’ reproduction seasons
                                                                           actually occur depend on the
Ventura Fish & Wildlife Office:     4  For those of you that have pro-     species and climate. For exam-
Rare Frogs Find New Home In            jects with regulatory agency        ple, according to Appendix I of
California State Parks                 permits, or are considering buy-    CDFW’s Conservation Measures
                                       ing land it is imperative that you  for Biological Resources That
USFWS Revises Its Policy On         5  respect the Nesting and Breed-      May Be Affected by Program
Mitigating Impacts Of Develop-         ing Season. If you think you        Level Actions, the Nesting Sea-
ment To Further Conservation of     6  know when birds’ nesting and or     son for Burrowing Owls is Febru-
The Nations Wildlife & Their        6  breeding season starts, think       ary 1st through August 31st. The
Habitat                                again! There are both nesting
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